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Survey of Education Barriers from Nurses and Patients Viewpoint (25436 Views)
The Investigation of the Relationship Between Mental Health Condition and Martital Satisfaction (19669 Views)
Co morbidity of Sleep Disorder and General Health in the General Population of Hamadan (17513 Views)
Study of Contraceptive Methods Use before the First Pregnancy (17017 Views)
Effect of calcium-vitamin D co-supplementation on metabolic profile and pregnancy outcomes: a double blind randomized controlled clinical trial (16335 Views)
Assessing the Adequacy of Dialysis in Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis in Hemodialysis Center in Boshehr City (15689 Views)
The Protective Role of Psychological Capital against the impact of Work- family Conflict and Spillover on Nurses' Psychological Well Being (15447 Views)
Effects of parental presence during induction of anesthesia in children undergoing surgery on anxiety of parents (15417 Views)
Applying Structure and Process Standards of Medication Care at Pediatric Wards (15288 Views)
Relationship Effect of Diet Education with Individuality and Sociality Specification of Type 2 Diabet patients (14169 Views)
Effect of EMLA cream on pain of Copper IUD insertion (13216 Views)
The Investigation of Blood Transfusion’s Complications of Thalassemic Patients in Educational Hospitals of Hamadan Medical Science University (13189 Views)
NICU Nurses Satisfaction about Participate in ICDL Course (12411 Views)
The Study of the Viewpoints of Anesthetists about Their Absorption Duty and the Hardness of Working Conditions (12156 Views)
A Survey on Nurses-Patients Communication in Emergencies Wards (12123 Views)
The impact of educational evidence-based hand washing program on knowledge, attitude, and adherence of intensive care units nurses (12034 Views)
Relation between Job Stress and Burnout among Nursing Staff (11974 Views)
Incidence and View Point of pregnant Women about Factors Associated with Unwanted pregnancy in Shahrekord (11674 Views)
Environmental barriers of the hemodialysis patient's comfort: a qualitative study (11486 Views)
The relationship between perceived social support and self- efficacy with diet adherence among hemodialysis patient (11446 Views)
Nurse’s Mental Health in Qazvin’s Hospitals (11414 Views)
Frequency of Job Stress in Clinical Nurses (11387 Views)
Mental Health in Nursing Students in Qazvin University of Medical Sciences (11285 Views)
Knowledge Assessment of Women about the Benefits and Proper Method of Breast Feeding (11255 Views)
Assessment of Psychosomatic Health status in Elderly Population That Coverage by Shahre - Kord Behzisty Center (11094 Views)
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Prevalence of Postpartum Depression and the Factors that Decides in Clinics in the North of Tehran (11783 Downloads)
The Investigation of the Relationship Between Mental Health Condition and Martital Satisfaction (6202 Downloads)
Relation between Job Stress and Burnout among Nursing Staff (4516 Downloads)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity, Oppositional Defiant and Conduct disorders in children of parents with Bipolar Disorder (3759 Downloads)
The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health and Academic Achievement in Neyshabour Nursing Students (3472 Downloads)
Mental Health Condition and Health Promoting Behaviors among Elders in Hamadan (3042 Downloads)
The effect of Orem's self-care model-based training on self-care agency in diabetic patients (2917 Downloads)
The Effect of Prophylactic Antibiotics in decrease the risk of Post Cesarean Infections in Patients with Meconium Stained Amniotic (2815 Downloads)
A Survey on Relationship between Job Stress and Three Dimensions of Organization Commitment among Nursing Managers (2775 Downloads)
Folic Acid Intake during Preconceptional Period (2762 Downloads)
Survey of Education Barriers from Nurses and Patients Viewpoint (2757 Downloads)
The Effect of Self Management Interventions on Medication Adherence and Life Style in Cardiovascular Patients (2623 Downloads)
Prevalence Behavior Disorders in 3 to 6 Years' Children in Hamadan City (2602 Downloads)
Relationship between academic achievement and self-efficacy, critical thinking, thinking styles and emotional intelligence in nursing students (2579 Downloads)
Theorize on Theoretical Knowledge Transfer into Practice in Nursing: A Grounded Theory Approach (2449 Downloads)
Survey of Nursing and Care Needs of Patients with Mental Disorders than of Hospital Discharge (2368 Downloads)
The survey of sexual function relationship with sexual satisfaction in referred to Tehran South City health centers (2269 Downloads)
Frequency of Job Stress in Clinical Nurses (2261 Downloads)
The Relationship between Self-Control and Intention to Substance Abuse in Adolescents (2252 Downloads)
The effect of Evening Primrose Oil on Premenstrual Syn (2240 Downloads)
Investigating the Relationship between Satisfaction from Body Image and Socio Cultural Patterns among Female Adolescents in Rasht City (2233 Downloads)
Assessing Relationship between Aggression and Perceived Self-Efficacy in High School Students of Hamadan City (2211 Downloads)
Correlation Study of Nursing Students’ Self-Efficacy with Clinical Performance (2198 Downloads)
The Relationship between Depression and Sexual Function Index among Married Women (2195 Downloads)
The Effect of Life Skills Training on Quality of Life in Nurses of Khorramabad Hospitals (2181 Downloads)
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New Journal website launched ( 4432 view)
Editorial Board ( 4351 view)
About the Journal ( 3806 view)
Indexing Sources ( 2184 view)
Submission Instruction ( 1873 view)
welcome ( 1160 view)
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welcome ( 46 send)
New Journal website launched ( 46 send)
Editorial Board ( 10 send)
Aims & Scopes ( 8 send)
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New Journal website launched ( 781 print)
Editorial Board ( 619 print)
Aims & Scopes ( 593 print)
welcome ( 507 print)
About the Journal ( 449 print)
Indexing Sources ( 440 print)
Submission Instruction ( 268 print)
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